Half Day City Tour


Duration    : 3 hours approximately
Time         : 09.00 / 12.00

This half day tour will take you first on a tour of the Sultan Ahmet Center, the heart of the Imperial Centre from where the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires were once ruled.

Also on your tour you will see the Hippodrome, now a peaceful park, the Hippodrome was the Byzantine chariot racetrack – a stadium capable of holding 100,000 people. There are three great monuments in the Hippodrome, the Egyptian Obelisk of 1500 BC, which Constantine transported from Luxor; the Serpentine Column from the Temple of Apollo at Delphi in Greece, made in 479 BC; and the German Fountain of Wilhelm II.

You will also visit the Blue Mosque, which faces Hagia Sophia where you will see that much of the interior is covered by spectacular Iznik tiles which are overwhelmingly blue. It is famous for its blue Iznik tiles, awesome size and unique six towering minarets.

You will visit Topkapı'5f Palace, the great palace of the Ottoman Empire was both the sultan’s residence and the centre of government from 1459 to 1853. The whole complex can take a full day to explore. 

You can extend your tour with our optional tour to Hagia St. Sophia and Topkapı'5f Palace. See Hagia St. Sophia, is one of the greatest marvels of architecture. It was constructed as a basilica in 537 by the Emperor Justinian.